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Rey’s Bakeshop Arrowroot Cookies is the pride of Marinduque for its authentic, pristine and nutritious taste of cookies. It closely compared to the Lotus Biscuit of UK and “polvoron” of the Philippines.

The Rey’s Bakeshop formerly known as Josel’s Rodil Bakery. It started since 1986 by Josefa Rodil and Felisa Rey from Santa Cruz, Marinduque.

Through its fresh from the farm ingredients with superior quality. Rey’s Bakeshop is decisive and persistent bring the joy of eating arrowroot cookies for everyone.

We purposeful and assertive company in continuing providing jobs to young professionals. Also, we provide livelihood programs and sustainable income to our host family. Our company promotes the good benefits of agriculture in human lives.

We demand ourselves, the excellence to provide an authentic and delicious product. Our company opinionated on the nutritional benefits of our delicacies can offer to our valuable customers. In all matters at all times, our company are efficient and goal oriented to be one of the best delicacies in Marinduque. Not only in the province but also in the Philippines and all over the globe.


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