The Rey’s Bakeshop History

Rey's BakeshopThe Rey’s bakeshop Arrowroot Cookies is formerly known as Rodil’s bakery. It started in 1986 from scratched by Mrs. Josefa Rodil and Mrs. Felisa Pedernal Rey. Where the two talented ladies are both teachers, Mrs. Josefa Rodil is an H.E Master Teacher while Mrs. Felisa Pedernal Rey is a new college graduate at that time. Mrs. Josefa Rodil and Felisa Rey are both talented it comes in making yummy and delicious desserts. The father of Mrs. Josefa Rey is a farmer from Barrio. 

Every time Mrs. Rey father visit her house it brought a different kind root crop and one of this is the Arrowroot. Also, the father of Mrs. Felisa Rey always brings arrowroot flour once he visits her. The barrio of Mrs. Rey father is one of the producers of process arrowroot flour in their town. The arrowroot flour used as a food thickener as an alternative in regular flour. One time Mrs. Josefa Rodil and Mrs. Felisa Rey baking a dessert. They try to use uraro flour as their main ingredients and they come up to make cookies using it. 

The cookies they bake serve as a snack by Mrs. Josefa Rodil to here students and co-teachers for free taste purposes only. The sample uraro cookies collect positive insights and recommendation from the students and co-teachers of Mrs. Josefa Rodil. The friends and colleagues of Mrs.  Josefa Rodils advise her to turn it into business since the taste of uraro cookies are very yummy and delicious. Mrs. Josefa Rodil decides to start the business in the uraro cookies industry under the help of Mrs. Felisa Rey they produce and manufacture uraro cookies on their own recipes.

 At that time the year 1986, they don’t have own facilities and place to use. They decide to rent space and facilities to start a business in the town of Santa, Cruz, Marinduque. After a few years, the Rodil Bakery established under the supervision of Mrs. Josefa Rodil and Felisa Rey as owner at Barangay Banahaw, Santa Cruz, Marinduque in the year 1992.

Nowadays, the Rodil Bakery is commonly known as Rey’s Bakeshop under the supervision of Mrs. Josefa Rey and Mr. Rolando Rey as owner and Eunice Rey as Marketing Manager. Rey’s Bakeshop has more than 30 retailers shop in the province of Marinduque. Also, Rey’s Bakeshop expanding their market in Luzon area especially in CALABARZON and NCR region. Thus, not only in Luzon area but also in the other part of Philippine and even abroad.