How arrowroot cookies discover by Rey’s Bakeshop?

arrowroot cookies

The arrowroot cookies of Rey;s Bakeshop discovered by Josefa Rodil and Felisa Rey since 1986. Mrs. Josefa Rodil is a H.E. master teacher at that time. While, Mrs. Feliza Rey is a young talented newly graduate from college at that moment. These two women is creative and talented in food preparation.  

At that moment, the father of Mrs. Felisa Rey is a farmer. Every time he visits in the house of Mrs. Felisa Rey he brought arrowroot flour and some root crops. The arrowroot flour brought by Mrs. Felisa Rey’s father is used in different ways of food cooking especially in snacks. Then, one time Mrs. Josefa Rodil and Mrs. Felisa Rey preparing snacks they decide to make a cookie using arrowroot flour. The cookies they bake used for free taste on the students of Mrs. Josefa Rodil and its colleagues. These free taste result in a positive reaction. Then, Mrs. Josefa Rodil and Felisa Rey trigger to make a business in arrowroot cookies industry because of the advice of their colleagues who ate sample.

Now, Rey’s Bakeshop is one of the stablish arrowoot cookies producer in the provice of Marinduque even outside in the province. Nowadays, Rey’s Bakeshop is known for its authetic, pristine and nutritious taste of arrowroot cookies. People is comparing the taste of our cookies to the buiscuit of UK and polvoron of Philippines.


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